Letter of Support: Senator Bernie Sanders for Labor Secretary

At the Troy Area Labor Council’s November meeting, delegates voted to endorse the appointment of Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) to be the next Labor Department Secretary. The following letter was sent to the Biden/Harris transition team, along with copies to the presidents of the AFL-CIO and Capital District Area Labor Federation.

Dear President-Elect Biden,

The Troy Area Labor Council respectfully requests that you appoint Senator Bernie Sanders  to be the next  Secretary  of Labor.

Senator Sanders has a long history of support and strong empathy for the working people and a strong knowledge of Labor and union issues.  We are very supportive of a person who would work tirelessly to build union jobs, protect workers from arbitrary firings, and put pressure on businesses and corporations who would engage in union busting activities.

We also think that the Senator’s call to eliminate “The Right to work for Less” laws would guarantee the right to unionize those workers excluded from labor protections, like farm and domestic workers.

In order to meet your goal of making America more equitable and just, Senator Bernie Sanders would be the perfect person to work tirelessly to put American on the road to economic fairness.


Herb Hennings
President, Troy Area Labor Council AFL-CIO

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